QuickBooks Online Certification Overview


The QuickBooks Online Certification is accredited by the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA). The Certification is recognized throughout the United States and its properties.


NBA’s QuickBooks Online Certification assures employers of your QuickBooks Online knowledge and skill.

NBA’s nationally recognized QuickBooks Online Certification helps you:

  • Distinguish Yourself
  • Build Credibility
  • Validate QuickBooks Online Knowledge
  • Demonstrate QuickBooks Online Skill


You obtain QuickBooks Online Certification by completing the QuickBooks Online Fundamentals course and passing the Uniform QuickBooks Online Certification Examination (Exam).

Build your resume with QuickBooks certification

Supercharge your career with QuickBooks Certification. Employers will swoon over you and your QuickBooks skills.

Achieve instant credibility with QuickBooks Certification. Show the world that you know QuickBooks and have the certification to prove it.

Be confident in your QuickBooks knowledge. The concrete skills you’ll gain will help you tackle the most difficult QuickBooks challenges.

Three easy steps to get QuickBooks certified

1. Attend a training class

Our two-day Mastering QuickBooks class is the best way to start on your path to QuickBooks certification. In this class, you’ll learn everything from setting up QuickBooks to handling money in, money out, banking, payroll, and much more.

We have classes available nationwide. If you can’t find a class near you, don’t worry, you can attend a webinar from the comfort of your home or office. Now let’s help you find a class that works for you.

2. Get prepared

Learning QuickBooks is the most important step to getting certified. Our QuickBooks training classes give you a great foundation of QuickBooks knowledge. The next step is to prepare for your exam. The exam is challenging, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you get ready.

Shortly after attending your QuickBooks training class, we’ll send you a QuickBooks Certification Study Guide. The guide is full of real life examples and tips and tricks to help you prepare. You’ll also receive a practice exam. Taking the practice test is a fantastic way to get ready for your exam.

The exam and preparation materials are all included, at no cost, when you attend our QuickBooks training class.

3. Take the exam

You’re almost there! The final step is to take the QuickBooks Certification exam. By this time, you’ll have attended our class, worked through the QuickBooks study guide, and even taken the practice exam. You’ll be ready to knock it out of the park!

We’ll help you find a certified testing center to take the exam. Certiport (our 3rd party testing provider) has authorized testing centers all across the United States, so they’re easy to find. We’ll get you to the nearest testing center and get you on your way to certification.

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